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Dermatopathology Services

Original Diagnosis

From specimens of skin tissue


Based on previously prepared glass slides


Direct immunofluorescence from skin tissue
Indirect immunofluorescence from blood/serum

Molecular Testing

CGH - Comparative Genomic Hybridization
FISH - Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization


We accept tissue specimens, slides for consultation, immunofluorescence specimens and frozen tissue specimens (by prior arrangement). All specimens should be forwarded with:

  • A completed requisition form or a consultation letter.
  • The referring physician's name, phone and fax number
  • The patient name, date of birth and sex
  • The date and site of the biopsy and clinical context

Reporting Results

Tissue specimens are reported within 24 hours of receipt unless special stains are required. For previously prepared slides, reports are issued within 48 hours of receipt unless additional stains are required. Our laboratory utilizes computerized faxing to transmit results as soon as they are reported. We also offer reports online. Become a referring physician and we can connect to your EMR.

Billing Information

Please provide a copy of the patient's insurance card. If a patient is to be billed, please include the patient's full name, address and telephone number. Special arrangements may be discussed with our manager.

Specimen Transportation

We assume all transportation costs with the exception of international consultations or items requiring special handling, such as frozen specimens.

We also provide daily and on-call courier service within the greater San Francisco Bay area.

Outside of the greater San Francisco Bay area and throughout the United States, both wet tissue and slides may be sent to us by arranging for complimentary overnight delivery via FedEx.

Request supplies to send us specimens or slides:

  • Requisition forms, specimen containers, biohazard bags, preprinted airbills, DIF bottles shipping boxes etc. Click Here to order supplies online or call us: 415-353-7546.
  • Need to ship a specimen asap? Download a temporary requisition form by clicking here.
  • Call to request our FedEx account number for free overnight service.



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